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Fic: Shore Leave (Adult)

Title: Shore Leave
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: Adult
Genre: Het, PWP (sorta)
Pairing: John Winchester/Jo Harvelle
Warnings: None, really. Sex. Gratuitous indulgence of my water fetish :-)
Summary: By day she's a college student with a freaky knife collection. By night, she's a hunter. Not a very good one, yet, but still...she's a hunter. And she doesn't appreciate someone else muscling in on her case.
Notes: Yet more evidence that I'm incapable of writing plot-free fic, even when it's just porn. Which this was meant to be. No, really. When I killed Jo so horribly in Never Say Die I sort of promised her I'd write a story where she'd get to have fun (and wouldn't die). This is it.

( Shore Leave )

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Tags: fandom:supernatural, fic:het
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