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Fanfic Master List

This post links to all of the fanfic I have posted in my journal. Links go to my Insane Journal because I delete old entries in my LJ after 18 months to a year. The fanfic pages of my website are the most up-to-date place to find my fic. Stories posted in my LJ are usually my WIPs, and are posted having been proof-read, but not beta-read or properly edited. I do a final edit once each story is finished, and the versions on my site are always the edited versions. I do not go back and re-edit the LJ copy, except sometimes to correct glaring errors. This means my LJ is the first place to find most of my stories, but not the best place. ETA: Older links now go to the Archive of Our Own where you can find me as Morgan or morgan32

Current Fics

Reap The Whirlwind (SPN, Het)

The Exiles (SPN/Angel, Gen)


Older stories by fandom

Angel The Series

This Is My Body (Angel/Doyle Slash)

Groundrules (Angel/Doyle Slash)

I Know Who You Are (Angel/Doyle Slash)


Highlander The Series

Secret History (Methos/Joe, Methos/Alexa, Methos/OFC, Methos/Kronos)
Posted in six chapters: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five and Part Six.

Winter's Kiss (Methos/Joe)


Stargate Atlantis

Gravity (Elizabeth/Teyla implied)

Paper Hearts (Elizabeth/?)

Stormclouds (Elizabeth/John)



Family Values (Dean/Sam)

Broken (Dean/Sam)

Not Exactly The Bradys (Dean/John)

Cry Wolf (Sentinel/Supernatural crossover) (Jim/Blair, Dean/Sam)

Thin Ice (Dean/John)

Faith and Consequence (John/OFC)

Gambling (Dean/Sam/Jo)

Slippery When Wet (Dean/Sam)

Carnival of Souls (Gen)

Dreamwalker (AU, Gen)
Warnings & Notes | Story

Deception (Dean/Sam/Jo)

In Vino Veritas (Dean/John)
Lucem Vocare (Dean/John)
Nolens Volens (Dean/John)
Prima Facie (Dean/John)

Hunter, Prey (John)

Series: Slouching Toward Bethlehem (AU, Slash, John/Sam)
I. The Eighth Deadly Sin
II. Ceremony Of Innocence
III. You Can't Go Home Again
IV. What Lies Beneath

Restrain, Release (Slash, Sam/Dean)

The Devil's In The Details (Het, Sam/Jo)

Never Say Die (Het, John/Ellen, Darkfic)
Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten, Part Eleven, Part Twelve, Part Thirteen, Part Fourteen, Part Fifteen and Epilogue

Shore Leave (Het, John/Jo)

Thicker Than Water (Gen, Darkfic)

Divided Loyalties (Het, John/Ellen)

Deliver Us From Evil (Gen, Darkfic, Mary-centric)

The Road From Hell (Slash, Dean/Bobby)

Twenty Four Hours (TS Crossover, Gen)


The Sentinel

Predator (GEN, Darkfic, Jim/Carolyn, Jim/Simon friendship, Blair/OMC)

Perspectives (SLASH sequel to Predator, Blair/OMC, Jim/Blair)

Protector (SLASH sequel to Predator and Perspectives, crossover with Alias, Jim/Blair)

Worth It (Jim/Blair)

Love Is... (Jim/Blair)

Bacchanalia (Jim/Blair)

Cry Wolf (Sentinel/Supernatural crossover) (Jim/Blair, Dean/Sam)

Care (Jim/Blair)

Shadows (Jim/Blair - set in the Cry Wolf 'verse)

Instinct (Jim/Blair - can be read as gen or slash)

Twenty Four Hours (SPN Crossover, Gen)

Tags: fandom:alias, fandom:angel, fandom:atlantis, fandom:highlander, fandom:sentinel, fandom:supernatural, fic:gen, fic:het, fic:slash

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