May 29th, 2009

SPN Brothers

Asylum - Friday

I may be the slightest bit tipsy, as I forgot I haven't eaten since breakfast until after I ordered the beer. The number of times I've had to backtrack and correct my spelling in that first sentence would seem to confirm the thesis. But I'm not drunk if I just managed to use the word "thesis" correctly!

Anyhow - today at Asylum.

Registration was supposed to open at 2pm. By 1 o'clock, they were no longer permitting people to join the registration queue "for health and safety reasons" (eta - legitimate reasons; there were way too many people crowded into a small space). I ran into ghyste and we sat in the bar watching the queue not go anywhere for a long time. By 3.30, which is when they announced registration was opening, there was the queue, there was a queue to join the queue, and (I've been told but cannot verify) a queue to join the queue to join the queue and a "rogue" queue that wasn't actually going anyplace. In other words, once again Rogue Events proved they couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery. I suppose it could have been worse, but most of the queue issues could have been avoided if they'd just opened registration on time.

When I got to the registration desk, after nearly 2 hours in the queue (not counting time spent watching the queue), they didn't have my registration pack. I did not take it out on the gal doing the registrations although by then I was tired enough that I'm surprised I didn't (I have a terrible temper when I'm tired. I am not proud of this.). She called Wayne, who apparently promised to be there in ten minutes to sort it out. Half an hour later, still no sign of Wayne but someone else had figured out they'd given my stuff to someone else. It got sorted quite quickly when the person who got my stuff was located. But still. Piss-up. Brewery. When it did finally get sorted, I found all the right tickets in my little envelope, which despite the screw up (and I'm sure that was a genuine mistake and no one's fault) means I did better than a lot of people - the queue at what the stewards were calling "the customer service desk" to get photo and autograph tickets missing from registration packs was stupidly long when I passed it. There was a queue to join that queue, too.

I met castalie breifly in between waiting in queues, and I know krazykipper is here 'cause she texted me, but we haven't found each other yet.

There were no guest talks today. The con events were the double photo shoot with Jensen and Jared (supposedly limited to 600; according to the photographer not so much limited - I'm guessing the shopping cart malfunctioned and sold more than they should) and the early autograph sessions. Both of which I attended.

The photo-shoot would have been the highlight of my day if I weren't already ready to drop. I hadn't eaten and I think I had a blood-sugar issue plus a caffeine OD ('cause the only drink I had with me was Kick). A photo-shoot hardly qualifies as "meeting" the boys - you barely get time to say "Hi" before the camera clicks and you're hustled out of there - but it's a good ten miliseconds :-) The boys looked great (well, duh!) and we at least exchanged a "hi". Goddess only knows how bad I'm gonna look in my photo, though. They were partway through printing them when I decided to call it a night and hadn't reached mine.

Then the autographs. Again, poorly organised at the beginning as the autographs queue got tangled up with the "customer service" queue and different people were giving contradictory advice about where to stand/wait. Things got started a lot later than they were supposed to.

Oh! Apparently Misha Collins can teleport! I say this because at one point while we were waiting he definitely left the autograph room. And no one saw him return (and let's face it, the man would get noticed), yet he was inside once the doors opened. Teleportation seems the most likely explanation to me.

Give the staff their due, once things got started it all went very smoothly. I got to meet everyone. Fredric Lehne (did I spell that right?) took the time to chat briefly and shake hands with everyone so was kinda holding up the line. But he's a sweetheart. He asked me if I got my tattoo (on my forearm) in prison. I wasn't awake enough to say I did. :-) The two musicians - Jason Manns is one and I can't for the life of me remember the other's name - were chatting with everyone waiting in line, until one of the stewards forced the line away from their table. I get why - the move made sense with the way the room was laid out - but I kinda felt bad for the guys. They were left sitting there alone as not many people paid for their autographs.

Gabriel made an impression, too. Someone ahead of me mentioned him stealing the Impala (as Andy, obviously). I didn't hear all of his reply but it was something about the fandom letting him get away with grand theft auto. I can't wait to hear more from him. Amy - a total sweetheart, talked about cuddling Mitch Pileggi after their scenes.

I don't know if some of those ahead of me got their Jared and Jensen autos tonight, but by the time I reached their room (they were signing in a different location than the other guests) they had both gone. Hard to blame them. It was pretty late by then and I was told - though I don't know if the source is reliable - that Jared only flew in today, and came straight to the hotel from his flight - if that's the case he must have a major jet-lag.

I guess there's more I could tell, but I'm amazed this is even coherent. I'm gonna get some sleep and tell more tomorrow, if I survive.
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