May 30th, 2009

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Asylum - Saturday (part 1)

Con report – Saturday

I got up really early and took a walk around the lake behind the hotel. Y'all know my water fetish: it was truly gorgeous out there this morning. I think that walk alone made up for a lot of yesterday's hassles.

That said, when I left the hotel at 5.30am, there was already a substantial queue of people outside the main hall. When I got back there were twice as many. By the time the hotel started serving breakfast at 7.00am, that queue was out of control. This in spite of the fact that we were told yesterday that anyone who started queuing there before 8.00 would be turned away. Wisely, they opened the main hall around 8.30. Everything was supposed to start at 9.00.

Well, it wouldn't be a real con if it didn't start late, would it? 9.46 things finally got started. The hall was packed for Jared and Jensen's talk – the first scheduled. Interestingly, there were a few people unable to find a seat in spite of the best efforts of the staff. I suspect this confirms that Rogue sold more tix than they should have, fire regs be damned apparently. Doug (the M.C.) even thought that was worth joking about but the truth is had something happened in the main hall – like a fire alarm – people would have died. I don't find that funny at all. Neither was I particularly impressed by his need to hog the limelight once Jared and Jensen were on stage – is Doug really under the impression that a thousand fangirls came to hear him talk?

By the end of the day events in the main hall were running on time again – Jared's Q and A started and ended on time, more or less. The photo studios were running behind but not impossibly so. All in all, things went fairly well today.

Theme of the day was accents, apparently. Here are my cliff notes of the talks from today. This is only what I managed to scrawl in my trusty notebook; the highlights that interested me.

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Next up was Fredric's talk, but I missed all of that, being stuck in a queue elsewhere.

Collapse )'s getting late and I'm more than ready for some sleep. I'll post part 2 when I can.
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