May 31st, 2009

LOTR Arwen

Asylum - Saturday (part 2)

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Misha's session was up next. Unfortunately, I missed all of it because I had to queue for my Jensen autograph. I really, really wanted to ask him about that Nip/Tuck episode he did! Someone did ask about it, but I didn't get to hear the answer and it wasn't the question I would have asked :-(.

The autograph queue was fake-better. By which I mean that the staff had resolved the long, visible queue issue by moving the bulk of the queue into the autograph room. It was a bit of a shambles and an incredibly long wait for barely two seconds with Jensen. I have no problem with autographs being fast, but because it's so brief, it's so much better if things are organised. The staff did okay; don't get me wrong, and I know having Jensen and Jared there must have been a nightmare for them, logistically speaking. But having that long queue inside the room was sneaky.

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And that's the end of Saturday. There was the concert and disco in the evening but though I made the effort to dress up and go, I only stayed long enough for one drink. I was just too tired.

Tomorrow I am travelling, but I'll try to get at least part of Sunday's report posted for you.
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