September 30th, 2009

SW Yoda Pissed

Weighing in...

What's with everyone defending Roman Polanski all of a sudden?

Dominic Lawson in yesterday's Independent wrote one of the best articles I've seen so far on the Roman Polanski debacle. (Warning: content is triggering.)

He has quoted from the original testimony of the 13 year old girl Polanski raped; if anyone thinks there is any excuse for what he did, or any case for leniency, they should read that. I have loved many of his films but the man is scum and in any civilised society would be made to pay for his crime. But we're not all that civilised, are we?

When I read that Polanski had finally been arrested I fucking cheered. The only thing I would question is what the hell took the Swiss so long? It's not like this is the first time he's been there.

Polanski is guilty. He admitted it. That there were, or may have been, irregularities with the proceeding does not change the facts of the case. She was thirteen for crying out loud! Then he fled justice. Now he should be made to face what he has done.