June 30th, 2011

TS Blair Salt

Demons, I get. People are crazy.

There is a debate going on Propect-L right now that's veered from highly amusing to reminding me of something extremely offensive. The list rules appear fuzzy on whether or not I can reproduce it, so I won't. But I will summarise.

Newbie posts what at first appears to be a reasonable question: what are the most reasonable terms one can use for male genetalia when writing sex scenes? Sentinel fans generally being a friendly and helpful bunch, she gets plenty of suggestions. She is also advised to avoid terms such as "member, "manhood" and "love-stick", each for thier individual and obvious reasons.

Newbie rejects every single suggestion as either "vulgar", "belittling" or out of character. Given that this is a Sentinel list and the members rightly think they know Jim and Blair pretty well, the out of character bit prompts some confusion among those trying to help her. Newbie finally reveals that her fic is a crossover, and thus the sexin' characters are not Jim and Blair. It's a little unclear whether she's pairing OCs or characters from another fandom. Her posts get increasingly weird from this point onward, as she variously suggests she's looking for a term an Amish guy might be comfortable using to refer to his hard, sweaty manly bits, or in the alternative, a term one might use in church.

Honey, if you know a church where guys get down and dirty and discuss their dicks, I just might give up atheism!

It's at this point that I began to get suspicious. Her posts have the character of someone who is deliberately poking everyone else with a stick, trying to provoke a specific reaction. She's clearly not after actual advice, since she shoots down every constructive suggestion. I have a feeling that she's going to pop up somewhere in a few weeks time, gleefully parading the results of her "social experiment". I've seen it before, on other lists and coms and the tone here is identical. Her deliberate obfuscation about exactly what fandom she's writing; her prudish rejection of even the most PG-13 terms for erections (from someone who claims to be writing sex scenes! ETA: and says she was raised a naturist LOL!), her weird attitudes to, well, everything...it all screams troll to me.

I sure hope I'm wrong, because I hate to see so many good people falling for it.

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