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Morgan Briarwood

SPN Fic: Dreamwalker (0/3)

TITLE: Dreamwalker
FANDOM: Supernatural
RATING: Adult (rating is for violence)
GENRE: Gen, AU, Horror
PAIRING: Gen, but does include Sam/Jess - see notes


"Dean, Dad's not coming for you."

Dean stared at this man who claimed to be his long-lost brother and knew he'd finally caught him in a lie. The man was a damned good liar, though. Dean could find no hint of it in his body language or his eyes. "What are you talking about? Of course Dad'll come for me!"

Sam swallowed hard. He looked very uncomfortable. "Dean...Dad's dead. All the evidence says you killed him.

INTRODUCTION: Sometimes Supernatural is all about the homage to classic horror films. This story is a remix of one of my favourite horror movies: Gothika. If you're familiar with the film, the fic-quote above will already ring a bell. Gothika has all the elements of a great Supernatural story: a mystery to solve, a scary vengeful spirit, a main character on the wrong side of the law. Okay, it's missing the Winchesters and a '67 Impala, but that's why I thought it would be fun to fix that.

Gothika is the story of a brilliant young prison psychiatrist who runs into a ghost one stormy night while driving home. She stops to help what she thinks is a girl in trouble, and the next moment she's waking up in a cell, an inmate in the prison where she works, and is told she murdered her own husband. The spirit continues to haunt her as she tries desperately to find out what's happened to her, and to convince her former colleagues that she's not insane.

I've followed the basic plot of the first two thirds of the movie, but the twist-in-the-tale in my version is very different. If you know the film, I'm sure it's obvious why I changed the last act. I've also kept character and place names from the film, though I have deliberately altered most of the characterisations.

In building a world that would let me fit Sam and Dean into the roles of the movie, I've played fast-and-loose with some aspects of Supernatural canon, especially Sam's psychic ability. So this story is most definitely AU. It's also future-fic, as Sam's in his thirties in this story - again, necessary in order to fit in all the movie elements. This also means that Sam, in particular, is a different character from the canon. I hope I've remained true to the spirit of who Sam is, but if my characterisation of him seems "off", it's mostly intentional, because this Sam has led a very different life.

What if psychic abilities were recognised as real? What if it were a scientifically measurable phenomenon? How would the powers that be cope with kids who can kill with a thought or a touch? And how would the world of hunters be affected? This fic has a very dystopian answer to those questions. I've borrowed elements from various fannish sources (Babylon 5, the X-Men movies, and most recognisably a short story by Laurell K Hamilton titled Here Be Dragons) but the resulting world is from my own imagination. My imagination's pretty dark.

WARNINGS: This story contains character death, both real and implied. The real death is John Winchester. To John's fans (of whom I am definitely one), I offer fair warning and an apology: he's pretty much just a redshirt in this fic.

The story also contains references to rape (mildly graphic) and child abuse (non-graphic), hence my adult rating.

About the Gen classification - I'm classing this story as Gen although it does include a het pairing. The reason I'm doing it that way is because the story is not about the 'ship. The central relationship in this fic is the one between Sam and Dean, as brothers; Sam just happens to be married. There is no sex in this story, so I would consider a "het" label misleading. Similarly, one very brief refernce in the story can be read as Dean/John if you happen to swing that way; but (although I do) that's not my intent in this fic.

SUMMARY: Doctor Samuel Grey is a powerful psychic and therapist at the Woodward Institute, a hospital for the criminally insane. He has a wife, a home and a promising career, and he's almost forgotten that he used to be Sammy Winchester. He believes his father and brother abandoned him when they found out he was a psychic. But when Dean is suspected of his father's murder, Sam discovers blood is thicker than water after all.

Part One

Tags: fandom:supernatural, fic:gen

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