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Fic: Lucem Vocare (Adults Only)

Title: Lucem Vocare
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: Adults Only
Pairing: Dean/John
Summary: A sequel to In Vino Veritas - The morning after, John and Dean must deal with the consequences of their sexual encounter.
Warnings: Implied under-age sex (consent open to interpretation).
Note 1: In In Vino Veritas, I deliberately didn't specify Dean's age. Here, I think it's more explicit that he's under sixteen, so if that squicks you, please don't read.
Note 2: I have a third (and maybe a fourth and fifth) story to tell in this sequence. It probably helps to read them in order, but hopefully each will also work as a stand-alone story.

( Lucem Vocare )

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Tags: fandom:supernatural, fic:slash

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