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Sentinel fic round-up

All of my Sentinel stories are now up in the Archive of our Own. Fifteen stories, about 273,000 words. Funny that doesn't seem like all that much but still...I found some very fond memories going back through these fics.

What stands out for me is that every single one of these stories under 40,000 words were written for you, my friends here on LJ: in fic exchanges or from prompts you've given me. And now this feels like a goodbye post, which it's not. I just want to say thank you. Thank you all for inspiring me so much in this fandom.

All fics are Jim/Blair slash, though a few include other pairings as well and a couple could be read as gen fic if the reader prefers. Click on the links for full warnings and tags.


First Kiss

Jim kisses Blair.
Words: 100

Taking Care Of You

Jim helps Blair to shave.
Words: 100

Short Fics (under 10,000 words)

Worth It

Any time you wake up with your mouth full of cloth and ropes around your wrists and ankles, you can be sure it's not going to be a good day.
Words: 4,552


Not every arrest goes smoothly.
Words: 751

What Are Friends For?

Blair has an unusual problem. Jim tries to help.
Words: 3,606


Blair is injured when a sting operation goes badly wrong.
Words: 3,198

Love Is...

"Jim looked him up and down, slowly, letting the lust he felt show in his eyes. The sight of Blair bound and helpless was suddenly very appealing."
Words: 3,667


A moment of comfort.
Words: 617

Longer Fics (over 10,000 words)

Wild Justice

Jim makes a discovery about Blair that changes their friendship forever. Meanwhile, a serial killer is stalking the gay community in Cascade.
Words: 60,833


AU: Blair is a rent boy working at Bacchanalia, a high-class brothel in Cascade. When he learns that Bacchanalia is being used by an organised crime ring, he agrees to help Detective Ellison investigate. The result is more than either man bargained for!
Words: 23,778

Twenty Four Hours

Crossover with Supernatural: Twenty four hours in the life of Detective Jim Ellison, in which he attempts to solve a particularly bloody murder.
Words: 10,386

Cry Wolf 'Verse

Cry Wolf

Crossover with Supernatural: In a small town in the Cascade Mountains, people are dying, bodies found mauled by some kind of beast. The Winchesters think it's a werewolf and plan to hunt it. Ex-cop Jim Ellison and his partner Blair are also hunting the creature. The four are uneasy allies, but Jim's suspicions of the brothers lead him to uncover their family secret.
Words: 47,440


A short vignette set in my Cry Wolf 'verse: Jim and Blair are renovating their new home in Panther Creek.
Words: 365

Wild At Heart

"It was at this time, just before the Change, that Blair felt he had a sense – just the merest inkling – of what it was like to be Jim. To be a sentinel. Blair’s sense of touch became so heightened that clothing was uncomfortable; his hearing sharpened; his sense of taste warped somehow, so foods he wouldn’t normally enjoy became sweet as honey. Most of all his sense of smell seemed to go into overdrive, each scent around him clear and unique."
Words: 4,167

Predator Series


The hunt is on for a serial killer and the latest victim is Blair's girlfriend. Jim is the detective assigned the case. But he's not the only one investigating and as more evidence is discovered Jim becomes a suspect himself.
Words: 45,836


Sequel to Predator: Ten years after their first encounter, Blair Sandburg's search for a sentinel leads him back to Ellison.
Words: 41,856


Sequel to Predator and Perspectives. Jim and Blair are kidnapped by a terrorist group.
Words: 47,468

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