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Hercules and Xena Fic Round-Up

These are my stories in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess fandoms. Links go to the Archive of Our Own.

Short Stories (Under 10,000 words)

The Last Temptation (Gen)

What if Gilgamesh had failed to kill Iolaus in Faith?
Words: 1,511

Water (Het, Iolaus/Original Female Character

Iolaus has an adventure in a river.
Words: 1,778

Ball and Chain (Slash, Hercules/Iolaus)

Iolaus can't sleep.
Words: 2,123

Wings (Slash, Iolaus/Cupid)

Cupid rescues Iolaus...sort of.
Words: 2,442

A Walk In The Park (Het, Iolaus/Original Female Character)

Iolaus is time.
Words: 3,043

Haunted (Slash, Hercules/Iolaus)

In the twentieth century, an immortal Hercules has a ghostly visitor.
Words: 4,015

Some Battles You Just Can't Win (Het, Hercules/Original Female Character)

Hercules makes an erotic wager with an Amazon.
Words: 5,843

Retribution (Slash, Hercules/Iolaus)

Iolaus misbehaves. Hercules punishes.
Words: 6,133

Intimations Of Immortality (Gen)

Hercules/Highlander crossover. Set several years after the series. Hercules is in Corinth, helping his brother Iphicles end a war. But Ares is determined not to make it easy.
Words: 7,476

Though Lovers Be Lost (Slash, Hercules/Iolaus)

A bittersweet tale of loss and sacrifice: Just how much will Hercules give up to keep his best friend alive?
Words: 7,608

Longer Stories (10,000 words or more)

Wreck of Memories (Slash, Hercules/Iolaus, Iolaus/Caesar)

Following a shipwreck, Iolaus is captured by Caesar.
Words: 14,905

Lovers' Moon (Het, Hercules/Original Female Character)

Hercules learns he has a daughter he never knew about...and she's in big trouble.
Words: 32,992


Out of Darkness (Gen)

I Am The Darkness

Hercules' thoughts after Descent.
Words: 1,639

Darkness That You Hold

Leaving Eire, sailing North.
Words: 1,165

Closest To Your Heart

After Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge.
Words: 1,021

Out Of The Darkness

Meditations on Darkness Rising.
Words: 742

Poisoned Arrow (Slash, Hercules/Iolaus)

Cupid's Arrow

Discord uses one of Cupid's arrows to play a cruel practical joke.
Words: 9,929


Sequel to Cupid's Arrow: with a little help from the Goddess of Love, Hercules and Iolaus reconcile.
Words: 3,865

Xena The Conqueror (Het, Iolaus/Gabrielle)

Ashes of Hope

Missing Scenes from Armageddon Now: In the alternate universe where Xena rules, Iolaus learns the history of that realm.
Words: 12,271

Balance of Power

Sequel to Ashes of Hope. In the alternate universe of Armageddon Now, some of the gods are not happy with Ares' domination of the world.
Words: 58,767

Journey's End (Het, Iolaus/Gabrielle)

Shadows of the Past

While nursing Iolaus back to health after a serious injury, Gabrielle falls in love. Meanwhile, Ares and Discord are up to their usual tricks.
Words: 50,131

No Second Troy

Hercules and an elderly Iolaus search for Iolaus' runaway daughter. Their search brings them to a city at war, and leads Hercules to a confrontation with Hera and a decision that will change his life.
Words: 17, 665

The Raging Flood

Xena sets out to punish Ares for the death of Hercules.
Words: 21,934

Note: This is not an exhaustive list. There are a couple of drabbles and short stories I wrote for list challenges that I no longer have copies of, and a few I would prefer to forget. These I have not posted to the Archive of Our Own. Some are (at the time of writing) still available on my website, Creative Imperative. This may change in the future.

Tags: fandom:hercules, fandom:xena

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