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Asylum - Saturday (part 1)

Con report – Saturday

I got up really early and took a walk around the lake behind the hotel. Y'all know my water fetish: it was truly gorgeous out there this morning. I think that walk alone made up for a lot of yesterday's hassles.

That said, when I left the hotel at 5.30am, there was already a substantial queue of people outside the main hall. When I got back there were twice as many. By the time the hotel started serving breakfast at 7.00am, that queue was out of control. This in spite of the fact that we were told yesterday that anyone who started queuing there before 8.00 would be turned away. Wisely, they opened the main hall around 8.30. Everything was supposed to start at 9.00.

Well, it wouldn't be a real con if it didn't start late, would it? 9.46 things finally got started. The hall was packed for Jared and Jensen's talk – the first scheduled. Interestingly, there were a few people unable to find a seat in spite of the best efforts of the staff. I suspect this confirms that Rogue sold more tix than they should have, fire regs be damned apparently. Doug (the M.C.) even thought that was worth joking about but the truth is had something happened in the main hall – like a fire alarm – people would have died. I don't find that funny at all. Neither was I particularly impressed by his need to hog the limelight once Jared and Jensen were on stage – is Doug really under the impression that a thousand fangirls came to hear him talk?

By the end of the day events in the main hall were running on time again – Jared's Q and A started and ended on time, more or less. The photo studios were running behind but not impossibly so. All in all, things went fairly well today.

Theme of the day was accents, apparently. Here are my cliff notes of the talks from today. This is only what I managed to scrawl in my trusty notebook; the highlights that interested me.

Jared and Jensen

Someone asked a question about DIY, given that they share a house. Jensen couldn't understand the speaker – the accent thing – and kept repeating different initials: DOY, DIU...and onwards. Eventually they seemed to think it was a reference to something dirty...and a thousand fanfics were born I have no doubt. Not my type of fanfic, though, so on that I will say no more.

When asked in what direction they'd like their characters to go next season, Jared instantly said Sam should go to Hawaii. Actually...I'd really love to see 'em take on a hunt in Alaska or Hawaii, but I doubt it'll happen. Jensen's choice was ...uh, I didn't write that down. It may have been Bali or Barbados – something with a B.

Jared is a world class dork. I mean that as a compliment :-)

One really lovely thing: Jensen said he'd spent some time with JDM just before he left for the UK. He told us JDM would really like to do a con here but is too busy, and he sent his love. Aw. Let's start the campaign to get him invited to Asylum 4!!! I know that chances are slim but, man... I'm a John-gal at heart. Always will be.

Eye of the Tiger came up. Of course. Lots of people wanted Jensen to perform onstage. He said, quite forcefully, “Will you let it go!” It could have been a joke, but I think it was a case of many a true word spoken in jest. Then the sound-guy, who should have known better, put the music on. Jensen, of course, wouldn't perform on command. I know folks were disappointed but I didn't like him being put in that position. Isn't the guy working hard enough this weekend?

Richard (The Trickster)

Richard has long-ish hair and a thick beard. He looks like Gaius Baltar. He bounced on stage and asked everyone to say hello to his wife – and filmed us while we did. I'll be looking out for that on YouTube :-) His Q and A:

He asked the first question of himself - what's with the beard? He said he just got bored and quit shaving for a while. But he also polled the audience about it. And later, when a 12 year old in the audience gave him a gift, he asked her what she thought of it. She didn't like it.

He was asked about the strangest thing he's ever signed; apparently he did an armed forces tour of the Middle East because of his work on Band of Brothers and was asked to autograph a bomb – one that was about to be used.

Who would he like to take down a peg the way the Trickster does? Richard apologised for talking politics then named George Bush; said he'd like to drop him in the middle of a battlefield with a gun. I wholeheartedly agree. Well, actually I wouldn't give him the gun. But close.

Apparently at an earlier con he was taken to task for never having watched Supernatural. He has now seen Season One. He said he watched Phantom Traveler while on a plane – and he does not like flying! Poor choice, man, poor choice. He also said his siblings used to try to get him to do the Bloody Mary thing and now he knows they were trying to murder him!

I like him :-)

He was asked about working with the dog on his first episode. Richard claims it was a cat in make-up, and warned everyone not to go near Jared's dogs! There's a story there, but I think most fans have heard it before.

Next up was Fredric's talk, but I missed all of that, being stuck in a queue elsewhere.

Charles and Gabriel (Henrickson and Andy)

These two had great chemistry together on stage.

Charles went clubbing in Birmingham last night. He told us the name of the club but I failed to write it down. I remember thinking it sounded like a gay club...but that could be just me. I don't know clubs. He wanted to go out dancing, and demonstrated for us on stage.

Gabriel talked about the pranks on set. He said that every now and then you'll be near the boys' trailers and you'll hear “someone” yell “Damn it, Jared!” and know that “someone” has been caught out again. But not the details.

His favourite movie is True Romance and he'd love to be Christian Slater in that film. Then he kinda backtracked and said he loved the Dennis Hopper/Chris Walken scene. I've never seen the movie so I don't know what scene he's on about. But he wants to be Chris Walken for a day just to do that scene.

Asked about the possible return of their characters from the dead, Charles announced he'd love to come back...naked! I'm not sure why nakedness is necessary but it sure pleased the audience. Gabriel wanted Andy to team up with the Winchesters. He said why wouldn't they want a mind-control-guy on their team. I see his point. Charles said he liked being the guy who “one-upped” the Winchester boys every time. I think he was implying Henrickson would be the better hunter...either that or he's angling to come back as Bela :-)

Gabe was asked what kind of superpower he'd like if not mind-control. He said mind control is the coolest ever then went off into this story about debating the relative merits of different powers with a friend. He wants mind control; his friend said being able to teleport was better. Example 1 was a bank robbery and Gabe said sure you could teleport into and out of the vault with the cash, but then you'd be hunted the rest of your life. If you had mind control, they'd just hand it over. You can't go to jail for accepting a gift. Friend countered with a plane crash example: mind control won't help you there, but if you can teleport you can save yourself. Gabe said this stumped him for a while, until he figured out, if you can teleport, what would you be doing on a plane in the first place? Though he admitted this didn't mean mind-control was any better in that scenario.

When asked if Henrickson would have become a hunter had he lived, Charles took a poll of the audience. The overwhelming majority said yes, but he made us yell it really loud – so Kripke could hear it. I doubt we got quite that loud.

Gabriel was asked about driving the Impala; he said it was awesome because they keep the car in amazing condition. He added that he didn't realise how important the Impala was until he saw the faces of horror on the film crew during filming of that scene. Then he was afraid to drive above two miles per hour!

Gabriel is a writer! I didn't know that before this con – it's in his bio in the con booklet. Someone asked him about the differences between acting and writing; it seemed like a weird question to me as they are completely different skills. He stumbled over it a little, but when he got talking about writing he spoke with real passion; I could tell it means a lot to him. One thing he said was “It uses so much of me.” I know the feeling.

I was still reeling from that when someone asked them both how they got into acting. It's a question that comes up a lot and usually the answers are pretty generic. Charles' was anything but generic. He told us about growing up in the Bronx; he was a drug dealer in his early teens and said he'd made a million dollars at 14 by selling drugs. He didn't go into details about it all, but it was clear there's a huge story there; some day I'd like to hear or read it. But it's too personal a question for a con. He went on to talk about his behaviour in school – not good – and that he'd been kicked out of school at one point. As a condition of being allowed back into school, he had to write and perform a monologue (presumably about his experience of drugs, but he didn't specify that). He did his monologue and afterwards another kid came up to him and let him know how much it touched him, because his brother was an addict. Charles said that this experience made him realise that he had something to say, something that could have meaning – and that led him to acting.

The thing is, up to that point absolutely nothing in the Q and A prepared me for that kind of depth from him. I'm not saying I thought he was shallow – I didn't – but I didn't expect that. Every now and then a con guest really surprises me. The last one who impressed me like that was Alexis Cruz. I now want to know a lot more about Charles.

After this, Gabriel told a story about his second episode as Andy; I'm afraid I didn't write down all the details but it was about his driver on the set being a big Andy fan, and Gabriel having to tell him Andy was going to die in that ep. The driver eventually asked if they were going to salt his body and burn his bones; when Gabriel said no the driver told him that's okay then – as long as they don't salt and burn you, you can come back.

It was about then that I had to leave the talk. Last thing I heard as I walked out the door was someone on-mike telling Charles and Gabriel that the thing their characters had in common was they were both killed by little girls! I so wish I'd heard the response to that!!!'s getting late and I'm more than ready for some sleep. I'll post part 2 when I can.
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