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Asylum - Sunday (part 3)

While I was waiting for Jared's panel on Sunday, I got talking to a woman who said she was a journalist for one of the local (Birmingham) papers. She hadn't been allowed to get interviews with the guests, but she said “we don't get big movie stars in Birmingham very often” and she thought someone should write up the con. She was audio-taping the main panels, with permission, I assumed, since she was very obvious about it. We talked a little about fandom and how it can seem a little crazy from the outside. I most carefully did not say just how insane SPN fandom can be!


Jason Manns was acting as interviewer again and, as with Jensen's panel in the morning, he started out with the story of Jared and Jensen rescuing an old lady at their hotel. Jared added one detail to the story; he said he'd fallen himself in the same spot earlier that day. Sounds to me like the hotel has some safety issues. Like Jensen, Jared was very modest about his own role in what happened.

The questions started out with another convention-staple: what five people would you take with you if you were stranded on a desert island. Jared didn't actually answer the question. He said the obvious answer would be his friends and family, but then how does that sound? “I love you, and I want you to be stranded?” So instead of naming people he listed skills that would be useful if stranded.

[Many years ago, I was watching an interview with a singer I had a crush on, and he was asked, “Who would you most like to be stuck in a lift with?” He answered promptly, “A lift engineer.” That pushed me from crush to lifelong love. I think Jared may have done the same with that answer.]

Next up: What would Sam's theme song be? Jared hesitated over that one, then came up with Monkey Love.

Then someone asked about dog-themed movies. Jason interrupted with what he said was an embarrassing story about Jared. Jared seemed to agree it was embarrassing, but added there was a lead in. He asked if “that” was all Jensen had told Jason and when Jason said it was Jared responded with “That son...” and cut himself off before he finished the phrase. I don't think it was going to end with “of a gun” :-)

Anyhow, then Jared told the story. The boys were together on a plane (on their way back from the Australia con) and Jared caught Jensen crying at the in-flight movie. The movie was Marley and Me. Jared, who hadn't seen the film, naturally teased the hell out of him for it.

Jason picked up the tale at this point: Jensen had told him that on another flight Jared was sitting there wearing dark sunglasses to hide that he had tears pouring down his face – he'd been watching the same movie.

Someone asked about Jim Beaver's book and Jared said that he hasn't yet read the published version but had seen parts of it before publication. He thinks it's amazing and wants everyone to read it.

Jared impersonated Misha as Castiel – very funny.

They were asked about their worst fashion disaster. Jason said he had a flat-top for a while. I'm not sure why that's a disaster. Jared said he had his head shaved once, but not voluntarily – his brother did it to him.

Jared was asked if he would do SPN without Jensen. His answer was unsurprising: no, because the dynamic of the show is about the brothers.

Someone asked Jared to pick a sexy outfit for Sam. Jared said he'd always found those hot-dog costumes very sexy! Jason suggested yellow fireman pants and suspenders. I think he's been looking at too many calendars! After that, they said everyone who asked a question had to suggest a sexy outfit for Sam. It didn't last very long, but there were some fun suggestions. Mine would have been cowboy chaps (and nothing else!).

The next question was interesting; Jared's pranks are legendary, but he was asked if he'd ever played a prank that went badly wrong, or someone got hurt. Jared told us about a relatively simple prank he'd played on one of the SPN cameramen: putting shoe polish on his car's windows. What Jared hadn't realised was that the man in question was going through a tough time, and had been planning to go out for lunch that day. So instead of getting a lunch break he badly needed, the guy spent the time cleaning off his car. Jared was really sorry when he heard about it, and said he would have cleaned the car himself. It was, he said, just really bad timing for that particular prank.

What kind of car would Jared take on a road trip, and what kind of music would be playing? Jared's answer was more serious than the question warranted, I think. He said it would have to be a really big car because he'd have to take along the dogs and his girl. He also said that safety is very important so the music would have to be something relaxing. Classic rock makes him want to hit the gas!

Someone asked Jared why he's so keen for Sam to die at the end of the series. He said he really loves Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and thinks that kind of ending would be fitting for Sam and Dean. He doesn't necessarily want a big death scene, just a fade-out where you know what's going to happen. (I wonder if he's ever seen Blakes Seven? Because it sounds like he's after a climax like that and really, I would LOVE that!)

On the subject of costumes, someone asked Jared if he'd ever dress as Frank-N-Furter. Jared admitted he'd never seen Rocky horror. After several people in the audience helped him out, he knew which one Frank-N-Furter is, and said yes, he would do it.

Did Sam love Ruby? Jared answered "I think he thought he did." He went on to say that Sam was going through a tough time and Ruby was there to help him; perhaps he loved the person he thought she was.

There was one more question: If you had to date a cartoon character which one would it be? Jared's answer was "Jessica Rabbit...or maybe Donald Duck."

Amy, Matt and Samantha

This panel felt very short; I don't know if maybe things were running late and they cut into it for time. Somewhere in between Saturday's Q and A and this one, Matt had gotten an education about SPN fangirls. Most of his answers on Saturday were fairly serious; he at least tried to answer the questions as asked. On Sunday every time he didn't have an answer, or perhaps didn't want to, he'd answer “Jensen” or “Jared” - and got an appreciative scream every time. The man learns fast I think :-)

The first question was what was the last book you read? Matt said that he read Jared and Jensen's private diaries and “supernatural” doesn't begin to describe the contents of those! (See what I mean about him knowing the fangirls?)

Sam said she's been reading the Twilight books. Later in the panel someone asked her “Team Edward or Team Jacob?” and she answered that they're all so young she doesn't see them that way. My respect for her went up several notches.

Amy talked about playing Natalee Holloway in the TV movie about her disappearance; because it's a true story she did a great deal of preparation for the role, a lot of research. She said, “My goal was to honour her memory and portray her as accurately as possible.”

Another con-standard question: if you could play any other character on the show, which one would it be? Matt wanted to play a demon. Sam wants to be Ruby. Amy didn't specify but said there were endless characters she'd love to try.

They were asked whether they'd seen Supernatural before they were cast in the show. In Sam's case it's obvious, as she's in the pilot, she couldn't have seen it before then. Amy said she'd heard a lot about the show (good things!) but she doesn't like horror so she hadn't watched it. But she's watched the show since making her episode and now she's a fan.

Matt had seen the show before. He said he watched it because he's a big fan of JDM's work – he mentioned Grey's Anatomy - and heard that he was in Supernatural. “And when I saw the sparkle in Jensen's eye...” (cue much screaming from fangirls). I so love that Matt's a total fanboy about JDM.

Question: If the whole cast of Supernatural had a pillow fight, who would be the last one left standing?
Amy: Me.

Then there were a few questions about In The Beginning:

Would it have changed anything if Mary had realised Dean was her future son?

Amy answered that of course it would have changed everything. She went on to say that the scene where Dean tries to warn her what will happen was her audition scene, but in the audition script it didn't give Dean's name – it was a guy named “Mark”. So Amy didn't realise initially that there was supposed to be any relationship between her character and his, which she felt was appropriate since Mary didn't know either.

What if John had known, then, that Mary was a hunter?

Matt jokingly suggested John would never have married her if he'd known, but he added that John loved Mary, he didn't think that would have changed if he'd known.

Why didn't Mary remember Dean's warning?

Sam took this one. She mentioned on Saturday that she'd recently had a baby, and she said that anyone with children knows that when the baby wakes you up in the middle of the night you can't even remember your own name, let alone a warning from a crazy man ten years ago.

She was also asked how it felt to be away from her child for the convention. Sam, refreshingly honest, said she was just fine with it: she gets to go to bed when she wants to and sleep through the night. She obviously loves being a mum, but she's practical about it. Much respect.

Lastly, Amy was asked if she had fun kicking Dean's ass. She said it was awesome :-) It was actually the first scene of the episode that she filmed, and it helped to break the ice between her and Jensen.


By this time I was seriously tired. I missed the first part of Misha's panel because I had my last photoshoot. I also left before the end because it was so damned hot in that hall. Here are the notes from the part I did see:

If you could ask Castiel a question what would it be?

Misha mused about asking a question of a character he portrayed: “That's like getting stuck in a box of mirrors...with a unicorn.”

Misha asked the audience to explain what “Purple Nurples” are - “to me that conjures up a very different image,” he said.

He was asked about season six. “I like being thought of as a long-term plan. It's like I'm a small office building...” He went on to say that they've just wrapped season four, and “I think they're going in order so next year they're shooting season five...” He wouldn't comment on the season six speculation.

Asked what an episode focussed on Castiel might be like, Misha pointed out that Castiel has not had sex in two thousand years. “His” episode might see Cas – er – discovering the female form, and naturally, then he can't get enough of it. Castiel as a lecherous horndog...preferably with Pamela Anderson as a guest star. Misha went on in that vein for a while, then ended, sadly, with “but they have not offered me that chance.” (to pen an episode).

Asked about working with Robert Wisdom (Uriel), Misha said they got along really well. They have similar resumes: “He's an older, bigger, black me.”

Someone asked Misha if he has ever answered a question seriously. His reply? “Have you asked one I could answer?” A little later in the panel he pointed out the one question he did actually answer, but basically, yeah. He never answers a question. But he's incredibly funny.

What superpower would he most like? “I've always wanted to be able to magically grow turnips.”

At one point Misha said as an aside, “Red Bull gives you wings.” (For those not in the know, it's an advertising slogan.) Someone promptly raised a pair of fake angel wings to Misha's back. Very appropriate.

And I'm afraid that's really all I have of Misha's Q and A. He's a very funny guy, which I know doesn't come across from my notes, and a great entertainer. He's also not bothered by the way fans think the way the boys are. I'm not a fan of Castiel (that's an understatement; I hate the whole angel storyline), but I'm definitely warming to Misha.

I didn't stay for the closing ceremonies. My energy had gone and the end ceremony is usually just the organisers patting themselves on the back...and Wayne and Paul do not deserve that kind of credit for this con. It was an incredible line-up of guests and I had a fantastic time. But that's in spite of the appalling organisation. I really didn't feel like sticking around to applaud them.

But it was a good weekend. See y'all next year!
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