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Fic: Wild At Heart

Title: Wild At Heart (Cry Wolf 'verse)
Fandom: Sentinel
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Warnings: None
Notes: If you haven't read Cry Wolf, the only thing you need to know is that Blair is a werewolf.

Summary: "It was at this time, just before the Change, that Blair felt he had a sense – just the merest inkling – of what it was like to be Jim. To be a sentinel. Blair’s sense of touch became so heightened that clothing was uncomfortable; his hearing sharpened; his sense of taste warped somehow, so foods he wouldn’t normally enjoy became sweet as honey. Most of all his sense of smell seemed to go into overdrive, each scent around him clear and unique."

Written for: [info - personal]slipperieslope who won me in this year's Sweet Charity auction. She generously asked me to share the story with everyone right away, so here it is! Enjoy!
Credits: Thanks to [info - personal]raynedanser for the super-fast beta!

( Wild At Heart )

Also posted on AO3:

Tags: fandom:sentinel, fic:slash
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