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Highlander Fic Round-Up

These are all the stories I wrote in Highlander fandom. Links go to the Archive of Our Own and my own archive site.

Highlander: The Series

Secrets and Lies

After MacLeod tells him the true identity of Adam Pierson, Joe flies to Paris.
Words: 5,282

Secrets and Masks

Prequel to the episode Chivalry: Methos really wanted Kristin dead. But why?
Words: 7.648

Secret History

Set between the episodes Something Wicked and Deliverance. After MacLeod’s dark quickening, Joe calls Methos for help. Methos remembers his darkest past.
Words: 19,750

Secrets and Griefs

While Alexa is dying, Joe visits Methos in Geneva.
Words: 4,358

Winter's Kiss

Methos comes bearing gifts.
Words: 1,765


Highlander: The Raven

Learning Curve Series

Scar Through The Heart

A chance meeting with Nick Wolfe piques Methos' curiosity.
Words: 8,039

Crossing The Lines

As the relationship between Nick and Methos moves beyond teacher-student, Methos' past begins to intrude on the present.
Words: 4,537


Cassandra finds Methos in Paris.
Words: 7,522

This Troubled Life

Nick struggles to come to terms with what he has learned; Methos wonders how Cassandra found him so easily.
Words: 8,151

Different Sides of Life

A romantic holiday in an English city goes badly wrong.
Words: 5,826

Millennium Series

Through The Barricades

New Year's Eve, 1999. Methos learns that Amanda is back in Paris.
Words: 3,606

Torn In Two

Methos seeks out Amanda, but finds MacLeod instead.
Words: 2,388

Make Love On Wasteland

Amanda finds out about Methos and Nick; Methos finds out Nick lied about something important.
Words: 4,633

Friday's Child

Working with Bert Myers in London, Nick is forced to confront his immortality...and another immortal.
Words: 7,100

Lines of Sacrifice

Nick returns to Paris.
Words: 4,536

Room For Love

"What room is there for love, when there can be only one?"
Words: 5,010

Tags: fandom:highlander

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