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Summergen recs

Being a mod for summergen was exhausting. But the hardest thing was not being able to share some of the fabulous stories with my friends. I was watching all these fics pour in and sometimes a line or a summary would catch my eye and I'd just have to read it...

Like these:

Trying to get to the bar by dotfic
Mary, her parents and others of the family - in heaven. Or something. It's both funny and tragic and I simply adore John in this. And everyone...but especially John.

No Way Out But Through by yo_gert
Ava's arrival in Cold Oak. Her transformation into evil genius never seemed right to me, but this story makes it believable.

Those Who Favor Fire by marinarusalka
If canon Lucifer is like this version, I will be so happy with season five...

Neverland by mimblexwimble
Creepy as hell. That's all I'll say.

All Men Are Prophets by azewewish
Okay, I'm going to love any John Winchester fic that's even slightly well written. But this is really well written and captures him beautifully. I love the internal dialogue.

The Uilleann Ululation Undertaking by musesfool
You know, when I saw this go up as a prompt I had my fingers crossed that it would get written. Middleman crossover and I just love Dean flirting with Wendy Watson and Sam being a (really mean!) prankster.

Drive by diva5256
Tamara and her quest for revenge; I love how this tied into S4 canon. *shivers*

The one worth leaving by that_september
This is angsty and painful yet the ending made me laugh. Perfect glimpse at the growing estrangement between the boys during the Stanford years.


What I love best about summergen is the way it makes me read fics I would normally skip over. Like these:

The Mystery Maze by themaskedmckay
The last two sentences make the whole thing worth it! Priceless.

The Rapid Spin of the Wheel by smilla02 very poignant. One of those "it should have been canon" stories.

Winchesters and other ***holes by kayto1
Constantine crossover - I'm not actually familiar with Constantine but I didn't need to be. This is gritty and rough and the ending is surprisingly subtle.

Pixy Stix by moonshayde
Simply hilarious! Sort of the SPN version of Firefly's "Our Mrs Reynolds".

Bringer of Light by twasadark
I so want this to be canon; such a small moment with Dean talking about Sam...but it means so much.

A Perfect Day by dolimir_k
Baby!Dean is so freaking cute! And John is such a great Dad!

Come Fly With Me (or, Agony at 30,000) by desertport
It took me several attempts to finish this because it's such a painful journey to take with Dean. A nice underscoring of the differences between the brothers.

Who Ya Gonna Call? by just_ruth
I do not read RPF. I just don't. Except I did and this is brilliant. "Hollywood Babylon" but with Bruce Campbell as the star of the movie. Thing is, despite his many horror movies, Bruce's most memorable role to me will always be Autolycus...and this version of him kinda reminds me of that :-)

this river's full of lost sharks by hardlygolden
Veronica Mars crossover - I like the show, but avoided the fandom and fanfic (mostly because, with no SF or supernatural element, it didn't interest me in that way). But this...mucho fun with zombies creeping around Neptune, and all the characters' voices are spot-on.

...And there are a lot of other fics I have on my must-read-soon list. So maybe look for more summergen recs from me in a few weeks time.


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