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Fic: Negotiation (SPN/True Blood) (Gen)

Title: Negotiation (1,300 words)
Fandom: Supernatural/True Blood
Rating: All Ages (Gen)
Characters: John Winchester, Eric Northman
Warnings: Eric fans may not like this one much. See notes under the first cut-tag if you care why.
Summary: When John Winchester walked into Fangtasia, it wasn't to hunt vampires.

Notes: Written for a ficathon walks into a bar... run by [personal profile] sabinetzin. When I put down True Blood as one of my fandoms I just knew I'd get assigned Eric instead of someone interesting. I am not likely to ever understand the love TB fandom has for that sleazy bastard. I probably should have added a 'not Eric' caveat to my sign up, I was that sure this would happen. My second thought when the assignment came through was How the hell am I going to get 500 words out of "John Winchester walks into a bar and meets Eric Northman. John Winchester stakes Eric Northman. Morgan smiles blissfully. The end."? Because, seriously, how else would an encounter between the two of them end? John is badass and Eric looks like a wimp. My third problem was that the vampire lore of the two 'verses is not even remotely compatible. In SPN a tiny drop of vampire blood makes you a vampire, vamps can go out in daylight and you can't kill them with stakes. In True Blood a tiny drop of vampire blood is like a triple shot of viagra with added cocaine, vamps sleep in coffins all day and when you stake 'em they blow up like balloons filled with blood. And, yeah, I maybe take this stuff too seriously but these details matter to me. There's no easy crossover in there. So I had to take one character and drop him into the other's 'verse. Since the ficathon calls for a bar, and Eric owns one, I went with that.

And, in spite of my moaning, I had a lot of fun writing this :-) So here's John Winchester, baddass demon hunter, as he might be in the world of True Blood.

( Negotiation )

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Tags: fandom:supernatural, fandom:trueblood, fic:gen

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