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My internet at home has been annoyingly slow lately. I suspect Sis has discovered BitTorrent. I'm fairly sure no one's hacking into my WiFi; I've been checking and the network is secure.

Combined with the present heatwave, this has kept me off the PC most of the time. My computer is in the bedroom and it's the hottest room in the house. Horrible, even with the fan on and all windows wide open. Rocky's habit of peeing on the garden steps (not his fault - he's very old) is depriving me of my usual hot weather refuge: I used to pile up cusions on the steps and take the laptop there (the power cord just about reaches).

The long and short is I've been writing longhand a lot. Notes for some fics, but mostly it's this new SPN story that has taken over my brain. I both love it and hate it when that happens. I can't post a wordcount. I can't even guess as as my longhand notes tend to be fairly incomprehensible they won't be full sentences or even coherent English until I type them up. But it's a lot. This fic (Sam/Jess, pre-series, haunted house) will easily top 20K. I'm torn between the temptation to hang onto it for next year's Big Bang so I'll at least know I've got a fic to enter and wanting to share it as soon as I can.

This is a POV challenge for me, though. I'm writing in the third person because I always do, but I'm restricting myself in this story to Jessica's point of view, so it's like writing in the first person: nothing can be included that Jess doesn't witness or hear about (at least until I get to the epilogue: that final reveal will have to be in Dean or John's POV). I think the story is more interesting this way: there's so much Jessica doesn't know, that the reader (if familiar with canon) does, and that's not limited to the supernatural stuff.

I briefly visited Stephanie Meyer's website recently (don't ask) and I saw a note there about a scene in Twilight where she says there's so much more going on than Bella knows. It's a perfect illustration of why those books suck: she has totally the wrong POV character. [Twilight should be primarily in Edward's perspective. New Moon should be split between Jacob and Alice. Breaking Dawn tells stuff from Jacob's perspective that should be in Bella's and vice versa. Eclipse...definitely should be from a vampire's perspective, I think Carlisle would probably be most interesting. Of course the downside of doing it that way is it would expose Bella the whiny, irrational, spineless brat she is.]

In one sense, this story makes the same 'mistake'. But I still think this is the way to go, because it's fanfic. Because unlike in an original story, here the target reader really does know more than the characters. If I wrote this from Sam's POV, there would still be that element, because there's a lot of stuff he didn't know at this time, too. But I'd have to deal with his angst and his protective instincts and it's more interesting, to me, to write Jessica having to deal with them, because she doesn't understand where he's coming from. She thinks it's weird as hell that he buys way more salt than they need for margharitas and the thing he likes most about their room is the iron balcony rail. All the clues are there for her, but she'll never put them together.

At the same time, I might be relying too heavily on the reader being familiar with the little details of canon...I have a really good memory for this shitstuff and it's easy to assume everyone else does, too.

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