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I've been watching the teaser vids posted on the Strictly Come Dancing blog and it's really noticeable how the producers are working to manipulate the results, even at this early stage.

Pairing Anne with Anton, for example. At the beginning of the launch show, I actually said I hope those two would be paired up, because I dislike Anton and will be happy to see him out of the contest early. And Anne herself has said she's well aware she's the "clown" in the show. But if there was any intention of taking her seriously, they could have paired her with a guy a wee bit closer to her height! I don't like Anne Widdecombe, politically (she's a Tory, it's a given) but as a person she deserves respect and I find it really unpleasant the way she's being portrayed here.

They paired Paul Daniels with Ola Jordan: now that's a logical match for a comical pairing, one that shows respect for both partners but which still promises a few laughs before the competition gets to the serious stage. Paul will never take anything seriously and isn't expected to shine as a dancer, but he's a natural performer and will be entertaining. Ola proved last year that she has a fantastic sense of humour and knows how to have fun on the dance floor...I just hope they stay in the running long enough to try a Charleston!

It's not just the clowns, though. Even in the training videos, you can see them setting up the winners. Certain celebs are being shown to shine, while in other vids we get to see more bungling of steps. It's not about talent, not at this stage: everyone's going to be bungling, but the vids are being carefully edited to bias the response.

*Sigh* It's no more than I expect, really. It's reality TV, the con is how they get the ratings. I'm just disappointed it's so transparent, I guess.

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