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*gleeful laugh* It rained yesterday. Lots and lots of rain. I got soaked going to and from work and I won't even complain 'cause it means those damn golfers got soaked too. (And what did they expect? I mean it's Wales. In October. Moronic planning.)

I cut my hair. I mean, I really cut my hair. My mullet was wonderful and it had grown down to the middle of my back. But it's been driving me batty 'cause I'm pulling my own hair every time I turn over in bed. So last night I cut it all off. I'm now short back-and-sides, spiky on top. (What the hell - I can always grow it again if I want to.)

The real upside is when the black dye grows out, I can try a different colour. Blonde looks awful on me, even though it used to be my natural colour, but I'm thinking something light-ish.

Today I have shopping to do - a little early Christmas shopping, food, and maybe a book or DVD. Then I've got a story to beta and if I've got time I really want to write. I'm starting to feel like I've forgotten how.

Tomorrow I'm baking - a work colleague on a temp contract is leaving us next week and he asked me to make something. I'm thinking maybe this.

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