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The next fic...

I have my fic review of the year to post, but I really haven't written all that much this year. My Jennifer's Body crossover, my [community profile] ladiesbigbang story, a couple of short fics... Mostly, this has been a year of stories I've started but not finished, because my brain/muse insists on producing ambitious epics.

Next month starts Big Bang season in SPN fandom, which means I'm perusing those ambitious WIPs and thinking about which ones I might be able to finish.

For spn_j2_bigbang I have three possibilities. When The World Is Burning is an apocalyptic story, an AU beginning after the season 4 finale. It has a huge cast: Sam and Dean (obviously), Bobby, Ellen, Jo, Castiel and brief appearances from a lot of characters who have appeared in just one ep: Haley from Wendigo, Missouri Mosely, Kat from Asylum, Mara from Folsom Prison Blues...possibly some others. Original characters, too. It's, well, ambitious. I've got nearly 35,000 words written and I'm nowhere near the end. I'm not even sure I'm at the middle. It's written in episodes, a bit like a virtual season, and I don't have a full season plan yet. I originally intended it to be a slow-burn wincest fic, but so far there's one sex scene between Sam and a female character, sparkage (but no action) between Dean and Jo, and just the one hint of possible Sam/Dean. It could end up going in any direction.

My second option for spn_j2_bigbang is a post-season-5 fic. Again, it's AU, largely because I started it right after the S5 fact, it picks up right at the last scene of the finale. This one is a dark tale about just how far Dean is willing to go to pull Sam out of Hell. I don't have as much of this one written (less than 3,000 words so far), but I've got a clearer plan for how this one will go. The working title is A Season In Hell. This one would be gen, but with the emotional side of the Sam/Dean relationship very full-on. So sort of wincest without the sex, if you follow me.

I do have a third fic that might be suitable for spn_j2_bigbang. Tentatively titled Kingdom Come this is another apocalypse fic, but this one is how it might have gone if both Mary and John had lived. In a way, this is my favourite of the three, because Dean is so very different I actually like him - he's largely angst-free, he's not a hunter when the story begins, he still has daddy-issues but totally different ones... it's fun to re-imagine Dean this way. It's also the only one of the three that involves John. I've written about 4,300 words, but while I have a very clear plan for this one it's going to be the longest of the three. I'm not at all confident I can finish it at all, let alone to a BB deadline. It's het (John/Mary, though not explicit) and slash (Dean/Bobby).

For sncross_bigbang I have two choices.

Both are fics I've begun on paper, so I don't have a wordcount, but I'm in the 'act one' stage of both. One is a crossover with Haven and the main characters from SPN are John Winchester and Gabriel. I'm still a wee bit fuzzy on the plot for this one, but it's more about the mythology of Haven - what the town is, why weird things happen there - than it is about SPN. This is gen, maybe with implied het for the Haven characters. Sam won't appear; Dean may have a cameo.

The other is a crossover with True Blood. This involves some fuzzing of the timelines as it's set pre-series for SPN and roughly current for True Blood. It involves John being obliged to work for Eric Northman (John owes him a serious favour) and the boys raising some hell in Bon Temps while John's busy elsewhere. I don't exactly have a plot yet, but it's definitely Wincest, because with a telepath around to get a psychic earful, how can I resist that? My tentative idea for a plot involves the boys working on what they think is a hunt, that turns out to be something else (like maybe mistaking Sam Merlotte's shapeshifting for a werewolf?) I dunno, I haven't thought it all through yet. I've been concentrating on the worldbuilding, and introducing the characters to each other.

Five stories, all of them super-long, and I'd love to be able to finish all of them. If I try to do that, though, I'll probably finish none, so I must choose. Comments/suggestions/votes welcome :)

Oh, and, happy new year!

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