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Fic: When The World Is Burning (Master Post)

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Title: When The World Is Burning
Author: Morgan Briarwood
Fandom: Supernatural
Wordcount: 54,347
Rating: Mature (adult themes, no explicit sex)
Pairings: Sam/Lenore, Dean/Jo
Characters: Dean, Sam, Lenore, Bobby, Castiel, Jo, Ellen, Lucifer, original characters.
Warning(s): (highlight to reveal) |Mentions of rape, imprisonment, drug and alcohol abuse and related PTSD. There's some gory detail in the case-related parts and one scene of torture (Dean, Hell) which might be triggering for some readers. Also, there's some stuff about a religious cult which I guess could be problematic if a reader has been in that situation.|
Notes: Written for spn_j2_bigbang 2011. Although there are het pairings in the story, this isn't a romance fic. It's really about Sam and Dean.

Summary: AU from Lucifer Rising. The Apocalypse is here. Lucifer walks the Earth. The angels say one man is destined to stop the world going down in blood and flame: Dean Winchester. But Dean is not interested in saving the world without the brother he loves, and Sam is dying.

When The World Is Burning - banner by quickreaver


quickreaver's fabulous art post.

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One: In The Blood
Two: Kill or Cure
Three: Training
Four: Confessions
Five: If You Go Down To The Woods Today...
Six: God Has Left The Building
Seven: Crossroads Angel
Eight: Broken
Epilogue: Six Impossible Things
Author Notes/Commentary

Read on Dreamwidth:
Chapters 1-7
Chapter 8 & Epilogue
Author Notes/Commentary

Read on AO3:
When The World Is Burning

Download (including cover art):
PDF | Mobi | Epub

And don't forget to check out the amazing cover art by quickreaver. I feel so lucky that she chose my story; her artwork is so good I've run out of superlatives and she captured the story perfectly. Working with her on this was a brilliant big bang experience.

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Tags: fandom:supernatural, fic:bigbang, fic:het
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