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Summergen 2011 Recs

With less than 24 hours to go before the authors are revealed, here are some of my personal favourites from this year's spn_summergen.

Blue Collar

A White Collar fusion rather than a crossover, this story puts Dean in Neil Caffrey's role with Sam as the FBI agent who springs him from jail to help with a case, all the while concealing that Dean is really his brother. It's the details that stand out: moments of White Collar canon that have a different spin when seen through the SPN lens. Like Dean turning up at Sam's house. Watch out for the many other SPN characters who make an appearance.


Dean, lost at sea and dying, flashes back on what got him into such trouble. Brilliantly written - you really feel what Dean is going through, and with a reveal at the end that just rips your heart out.

The Devil's Heart

Season 6 coda, sort of, but with flashbacks which do a far better job of getting me to feel sympathy for Lucifer than canon ever did; quite chilling in its portrayal of the relationship between Lucifer and Sam while Sam is his vessel.

Harmonic Convergence

Curtain!fic was a big theme in this year's Summergen, but this is my favourite of them: Sam and Dean, settled down but not quite settled, and Castiel's attempt to reconcile with them. It's not a warm and fuzzy fic, but the last line with its shoutout to early canon is just perfection.

The Hunt

If we ever see the Wild Hunt in Supernatural, I want it to be like this!

Slipping Off the Map

It's a character matchup that shouldn't work: End!verse Castiel with Dean "Smith" of It's A Terrible Life, surviving the apocalypse together. Yet somehow it does work. The way Sam is such a huge hole in Dean's life, but he can't see it, is heartbreaking.

On the Ineffability of the End of the World

Supernatural/Good Omens crossovers are ten-a-penny since Crowley showed up, and mostly I don't like them. This one, though, definitely has its charm. Castiel searches out Aziraphale hoping for some advice in his war with Raphael. As with the novel: be sure to read the footnotes!

Tell You Different

This one was my gift and I love it! A look at what life is like for Haley Collins and her family during the apocalypse. A couple of hunters (not Sam and Dean) help tie the story into canon in a way that's brilliantly clever. Haley is one of my favourite characters - so strong, even when she's out of her depth - and this story captures all the things I love about her.

Devil's Moon

This is a pretty cool Stanford era Dean-keeping-tabs-on-Sammy fic if you don't know which god is being referenced. If you do, it's something else entirely. I had to look up what (spoiler!) the flying spaghetti monster had to do with pirates, but even so. Such a perfect God for Dean! This fic is complete genius.

Blow the Man Down

Speaking of pirates, this is a fun one, too. From Dean ribbing Sam for knowing what a hope chest is, to the boys singing with a bunch of ghostly pirates, Aaarr, mateys!

Anything Goes

A traditional horror fic: Dean trapped in a nightmare...dancing the foxtrot with a sexy gal. Kinda weird, but in a good way.

And they tell me you are wicked

A different kind of nightmare: Sam as Lucifer in the End!verse. Short, but deeply chilling.

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