Morgan Briarwood (briarwood) wrote,
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Fic: Driver Picks the Music

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Title: Driver Picks the Music
Fandom: Supernatural/The X-Files
Wordcount: 14,800
Rating: Mature (Gen)
Warning(s): None
Notes: Written for rainylemons in spn_summergen 2011. Now released into the wild :)

Summary: In 1997, the Winchesters were forced to abandon a hunt when Sam became sick. Ten years later, Sam's life might depend on Dean figuring out exactly what happened back then, but all he has to go on are some cryptic hints in Dad's journal. The trail leads the brothers to a former FBI agent, Fox Mulder, but what did an alien-obsessed Fed have to do with their Dad? (Timeline: set in SPN season 2, in the summer before the movie X-Files: I Want To Believe)

Read Driver Picks the Music at AO3 or in the summergen community.

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Tags: fandom:supernatural, fandom:x-files, fic:gen

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