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Creative Imperative

I Imagine, Therefore I Am

Morgan Briarwood
Friends Only

+ bio + the artist formerly known as morgan32

Who am I?: I'm a gen and slash fan fiction writer and sometime digital artist. My two worlds (fan and art) don't really mix. I'm Morgan Briarwood in my fannish life: my main fandom currently is Supernatural; I also follow Dollhouse, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and True Blood. As Morgan )O( or morgan32 I wrote fanfic for Sentinel, Hercules, Stargate and Highlander with a smattering of fics in other fandoms. Who wants to know about my real life? I'm 36, Pagan and gay. I work as a statistical analyst in economic statistics (which is just as  much fun as it sounds) and I live with my mother, my sister and three dogs in Newport, South Wales, UK.

+ on friending me +

My LJ is now friends-only. My other journal is on Dreamwidth and that's a public journal. However, LJ's policies offend me deeply and I now use this journal only to keep up with friends and certain communities. Please comment if you want me to add you, but I would much prefer you follow me on Dreamwidth.

+ on me friending you +

On me friending you: "Friend" can be a terrible misnomer. Some of my LJ friends are people I consider friends. But "friend" to me means someone I care about personally and trust absolutely: that doesn't apply to many people I only know online. On LJ my friends list is just the journals I enjoy reading. People whose opinions I like to read, or who I watch for current affairs commentary, fic posts or recs. People who have interesting lives or things to say on issues that matter to me.

If I've friended your journal and you'd rather I didn't, please just let me know. I won't take that personally, either.

+ why briarwood? +

The name "Briarwood" comes from Anne Bishop's Black Jewels trilogy; one of my favourite works of fantasy fiction. To me the name stands for overcoming adversity, as a statement that being different does not mean being sick or wrong, and for justice: fair, but inescapable justice. Briarwood is the pretty poison. There is no cure for Briarwood. To each is given what he gave.

+ disclaimer +

Disclaimer: My journal occasionally contains adult subject matter. My Fanfic Warnings & Ratings Policy is here. I have chosen not to flag adult content as such using LJ's flags because doing so attracts the attention of trolls searching for things to report and I have better things to do. Since the alleged adults who run LJ appear unable to distinguish fact from fiction, I have one thing to spell out nice and clearly: Reading and/or writing about a subject matter is not the same as condoning any action/subject matter in real life. I do not condone illegal activities that may or may not appear in works of fiction.

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